1. Massive Blast

  2. DEMF Sampler 2015
    Various Artists

  3. Hyperspace
    Drumcomplex & Red Square

  4. Cellar Door

  5. Abyssal
    Sirius Brown

  6. Racer Bulldog
    Josh Love

  7. Emotions On Fire
    Joe Mesmar

  8. Mesh
    Positive Merge

  9. Convergent Waves

  10. Thylacine
    Eddie Hale

  11. Inside A Cocoon
    Sam Insecton

  12. 101

  13. Sweet Revenge
    Joe Mesmar

  14. Pure Power
    Mario Giordano

  15. Human Trap
    Roberto Chriqui

  16. Reset
    Daniel Mehes

  17. Day By Day
    Lucas Freire

  18. ADE Sampler 2014
    Various Artists

  19. Beverly Hills 909
    Kid Mistik

  20. Twitched
    Ken Ishii

  21. Got Swing

  22. Serenade
    Tom Hades

  23. Secret Jump
    Artur Nikolaev

  24. Different EP
    Kostas Maskalides

  25. Psycho Babe

  26. Symbiotic Series Volume One
    Red Square & Greencross

  27. 'Serenade' Remix Contest
    Tom Hades

  28. Nubeluz
    Leo Fernandez

  29. Waste Of Life
    Miki Craven & Tony Verdi

  30. Roboman
    Abi Bah

  31. Dark Roast
    Red Square

  32. Smack 'Em Up
    Agent Orange

  33. The Contextual Art EP
    Possibly Infected

  34. Atmos
    Javi Lago

  35. And Thanks For All The Fish
    DJ Shiva

  36. Direction
    Daniel Mehes

  37. In The City EP
    Miki Craven & Raul Robado

  38. U

  39. Chamokropolis
    Leo Fernandez

  40. Weight Of The Hammer Remixed
    Adam Jay

  41. The Tool Remixed
    Matt Minimal

  42. One, Two, Three
    Pe & Ban, Dj Mandraks

  43. Dimensional

  44. Remix Compilation Number Two

  45. Liquid Armour EP
    Abi Bah

  46. The Children Of The Python

  47. Introvert

  48. Suluz EP
    Shane K

  49. What Have You Learnt?
    South District

  50. Lowband EP
    Matt Minimal

  51. Ashdown EP

  52. Concordant Diskordanz
    Folker Zwart

  53. No Secret
    Red Square

  54. Extinct Remixes
    Various Artists

  55. Pullpush

  56. Conflict And Accord EP
    Scouts In Bondage

  57. DJ Murphy Presents: Different Is Different Records
    Various Artists

  58. Daiichi
    James Hurricane

  59. Mokum EP

  60. God Mode EP
    George Lanham

  61. Time And Prosperity EP
    Drumcomplex & Dean Benson

  62. Danger Danger!
    Mass Digital

  63. Mad Monkey
    Re Dupre

  64. Effortless EP
    Elemental X

  65. Dirty Blood EP
    Mike Maass & Frank Sonic

  66. Perron Nul
    Folker Zwart

  67. Remix Compilation Number One
    Various Artists

  68. Another Shot At It EP
    Scouts In Bondage

  69. Panzerknacker EP

  70. Watch Yourself

  71. Bad Touch EP

  72. Gomme Remixes

  73. In The Groove EP

  74. Weight Of The Hammer EP
    Adam Jay

  75. Gomme EP

  76. Reflection EP
    Elton D

  77. 'The Tool' Remix Contest
    Matt Minimal

  78. 'Weight Of The Hammer' Remix Contest
    Adam Jay

  79. 'Mokum' Remix Contest

  80. 'Panzerknacker' Remix Contest

  81. Perron Nul (Mike Wall's 'Extinct' Remix)
    Folker Zwart

  82. FREE Sample Pack 001
    Elton D


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We are a techno digital label based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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